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    2. Locate the best Electric Company
      in your area!

      FAQ's On Finding A Reliable Electrician

      Don't Waste Energy Sifting Through The Sea Of Second Rate Electricians.
      Here are a few things to look for in a highly-qualified electric professional.? With 1-877-Electric, you'll find all our members meet this criteria.? And remember, it's a good idea to establish a long-term relationship with a business that can handle your electrical needs now and for the future:

      • A long track record – many small electrical businesses start, and often fail over a short period of time.
      • Ongoing training – Ask if the business stays up-to-date on electrical technology and techniques. Great companies offer their technicians a program of ongoing training to ensure their expertise.
      • Resources – Are they equipped to handle any job? Do their techs come to you with parts ready? Do they have bucket trucks and diagnostics?
      • Trust – What do their customers say about them? Don't be afraid to ask for references because a good business will have them.?
      • Safety record - This is absolutely the top concern for any electrical work done in your home or business.
      • Licensed, bonded and insured - This is an absolute must because it certifies that their contractor and business licenses are current with the proper local authorities and that they carry insurance for their workers, general liability and that all their vehicles and equipment are also insured.
      • National Electrical Code - Do they apply the most recent and highest requirements? Building and electrical codes change all the time.

      Warning Signs!

      • Electricians who are not aware of new technology and innovations in their field.
      • Those who are unable to provide a warranty for their services.
      • Those who say that permits are not required to make modifications.
      • Those who do not have proof of insurance and licenses.
      • Those who are willing to add additional power points without checking the existing load on your system.

      Common Residential and Commercial Services Performed.

      • Fan Services: Ceiling, Exhaust, Attic
      • General Repairs
      • Home Inspection Repairs
      • Home Lighting Control Systems
      • Home Safety Inspections
      • Interior Lighting Installation and Repair
      • Landscape Lighting
      • New Construction Wiring
      • Out Buildings
      • Outdoor/Security Lighting
      • Pool, Spa, Hot Tub
      • Remodeling
      • Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors
      • Surge Protection
      • Tankless Water Heaters
      • Preventative Maintenance
      • Property Management
      • Solar Energy
      • Aluminum Wiring & COPALUM Repair
      • Electric Panel Replacement
      • Commercial Generators
      • Commercial Panel Replacements
      • Electric Design and Estimating
      • Electrical Trenching Services
      • In-ground Warming Cables
      • Infrared Electrical Inspections
      • Lighting Retrofit
      • Outdoor & Security Lighting

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