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      Electricians & Electrical Contractor Companies

      1-877-Electric: A New and Improved Method for Customer Lead Generation

      What makes our lead generation program spark more powerful results?? 1-877-Electric makes your business the single-source in your chosen area of service.? The memorable vanity number - 1-877-Electric, remains absolutely “exclusive” to only your electrical business.? Unlike other lead generation programs, we do not fan out leads to several other electrical businesses in the area.? That means every potential client who calls from your area is your lead alone. There's no competition for the call and that increases your chance to convert all prospects to profits.

      • You are the sole owner of 1-877-Electric in your selected area.
      • You have complete exclusivity to ALL of the leads generated by the number.
      • You have complete exclusivity from ALL the leads generated from the www.www.vbdan.cn website originating from the counties you choose.

      Take Charge Of The Market Areas You Want

      With 1-877-Electric, you can generate leads from the exact market areas you want. Whether you choose to service the same areas or expand your reach to surrounding counties, the choice is yours.? You have the option to select the exact counties that benefit you now and those you project for growth.?

      • Only one “exclusive” business per county regardless of the county's population size or location.? ?
      • You only pay for the county or counties YOU choose to own.? Every lead is FREE.??
      • No competition or clamoring to get the lead against other electric businesses using the same vanity number.?

      Once a market area is leased to a member, all other competitors in the area are banned from using the number.? As an added benefit of membership,? 1-877-Electric becomes a highly visible asset of your business and you can assign it to a new owner if you sell your business.

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      How it Works

      Want to see how our vanity numbers work?    


      No Lead Fees!

      No Toll-Free Minute Fees!

      You Own the 1-877-Electric Number!

      Use it in your Current Marketing! 


      Customers call 1-877-Electric, which rings to your office.

      CUSTOMERS CALL 1-877-Electric WHICH

      Customers complete a simple form, and it's emailed to your office.


      Amp Up Your Visibility With? 1-877-Electric

      It's a known fact that consumers remember vanity numbers more than ordinary ones. If fact, they are almost 5 times more likely to remember 1-877-Electric than a numeric phone number. Give your marketing efforts a little juice with the memorable impact of 1-877-Electric.? Promote it in print, on radio, on your vehicle and on your business cards, magnets, the local baseball team's jerseys and more.?? When someone's in need of your electrical services, they are going to remember it!? This gives you a memorable edge over competitors in the area.

      • 1-877-Electric is a highly cost-effective way to build a memorable marketing campaign.
      • Compared to other marketing endeavors, it is a cost-efficient way to reach more leads.
      • 1-877-Electric gives you an effective marketing tool that makes it convenient to contact you first, without having to “look up your number.”

      Why You Want to Own the 1-877-Electric Number in Your Area

      Consumers remember this number far easier than a standard, regional phone number. In fact, customers are 75% more likely to remember a vanity number over a traditional one. This way, whether you place it in an advertisement or the customer sees the number listed online, they are far more likely to remember this and give you a call then any other company’s telephone number.

      The Fight Against National Chains

      With the 1-877-Electric number, you can truly fight back by educating your market area that when they need electrical services, they just need to call 1-877-Electric. This gives you a new strategy to help level the playing field against the major chains and their thousands of television advertisements

      Become a 1-877-Electric Member in your area
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      Click-To-Call – The Current Way To Connect

      Smart phones are a growing phenomenon that puts businesses at the consumers' fingertips. That's why our “click-to-call” mobile response feature will help put more leads in the palm of your hand. 1-877-Electric helps your business capitalize on Mobile Search using this convenient smartphone feature.? The prospect simply pulls up the 1-877-Electric mobile site and touches the “CALL NOW” tab to be instantaneously connected to you.? ???

      • The increasing growth of mobile website technology pulls in 40% or more of local “searchers."? ????
      • 1-877-Electric gives you immediate access to smart phone prospects.?



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